Picking an agency partner is scary.

If marketing were a jungle with wild bloodthirsty beasts and treacherous weather conditions, picking the right guide would mean life or death. In a similar sense, the success of your brand — and maybe even your job — depends on picking the right marketing guide, and you’ve been burned in the past. If your agency screws up, you’re on the chopping block. It’s easy to see why you might feel tense.

You know your business well, and you know where you want to go. On the proverbial marketing journey, you wonder if it would be easier to just grab a field guide and a map and embark alone. After all, finding a good guide who is skilled and trained and knows the lay of the land takes considerable work, and you don’t have much time to spare. It may be easier to just get going; you could maybe tackle the journey on your own.

Maybe, but maybe not.

You see, you may love your business like no one else and know where you want to go, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the one who’s most qualified to get there. Effective marketing requires more than just heart; it requires training, experience, tools, and time, all qualities possessed by an experienced guide. And that’s what you get when you bring on 97th Floor.

The world of digital marketing is a jungle, so don’t go it alone; let us be your guides.

Think of this piece as if we were sitting down with you and preparing together for your journey. Naturally, you’ll want to know what we bring to the table as your guide. Thus, this post is not meant to be a platform to boast, but rather one to help you get to know us a little better as your potential partners.

97th Floor Elevates Your Brand

Choosing a leader to help you navigate the mysterious wilderness of marketing means having the faith that they’ll get you to your destination. Your business is precious and it takes a lot of trust to hand it over to someone else. We understand your anxiety, and we know what your brand means to you. So let us just reassure you that concern for your business is at the heart of everything we do. Digital. Marketing. Elevated — It’s more than just a cute slogan. At 97th Floor, your vision is ours, and together, we can take your business to new heights.

Tailored Approach

tailored approach

Without a destination, you’ll wander aimlessly through the jungle. Your desired goal is what drives us as your guide. Every company is different. Every contract should be as well. We work closely with you to clearly understand your specific pain points and desired outcomes, and together we build a customized contract with KPIs and budget laser-focused around your unique needs. Tell us your destination, and as your guide, we’ll create a map that’ll get us through the weeds to where you want to go.

Results Only; No Fluff.

Getting through the jungle is about pushing through obstacles. And in the wilderness, it’s a matter of life and death. You choose a leader knowing together you’ll make progress, and that they will safely direct you around every danger along the journey, and get you to your destination. In short, you want results, and you want to reach your goals. As your guides, our whole culture at 97th Floor is built around results. Our Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) means that every employee is held accountable to the results they achieve for clients. That’s all we focus on, because ultimately that’s what really matters. You want results, and so do we; that’s why we live and die by them. Everything we do helps achieve the results set out in the contract, but we don’t stop there. In the jungle of marketing, one success must follow another until we reach our destination.

A True Partner

Just as an experienced guide wouldn’t just get you to your destination alive, but rather mentor you and help you feel comfortable along the way, we go beyond simply hitting KPIs. We are your agency partner in all things digital. Whether it’s copywriting, design, SEO strategy, or anything else that might play a part in defining your digital presence, we are always available to help you find the right solutions. In addition to regular emails, we hold weekly meetings to keep you updated on everything we’re doing to get you results. Thanks to our culture of transparency and communication, you’ll never feel left out of the loop. We know the lay of the land, but we’ll help you understand it as well. At the end of our journey, you’ll emerge more seasoned and better equipped to navigate the treacherous and perplexing marketing jungles you’ll encounter in the future.

Individual Excellence

an experienced guide

You’d never hire an untrained guide to get you through the perils of the jungle. All of our marketers are certified in Google Analytics, Hubspot Content Marketing, and Hubspot Inbound Marketing, but that’s only the beginning; they are also required to complete another marketing certification course of their choice, and are expected to remain up to date on all new advances, theories, and strategies related to digital marketing. We value education, and by evaluating trends, sharing insights, and learning the newest technologies and tools, we keep 97th Floor at the forefront of the marketing expedition.

Agency Awards and Expertise

You’ll want a guide with a proven and recognized track record of success. That’s exactly what you’ll get with 97th Floor. The proficiency of each individual employee contributes to our overall agency expertise. We’re the only agency in Utah on the Moz recommended list. We’ve been honored to receive numerous awards and accolades from business publications such as Fortune and Inc., and many of our employees have received individual recognition for their work and the results they’ve brought to clients. But even with so much recognition for the work we do, some of the awards we are most proud of relate to our culture. We’ve been featured on numerous “best place to work” lists. This gives us more than just bragging rights (and don’t get us wrong, bragging rights are pretty great), but it also enables us to retain top talent and provide our clients with the best results. When it comes to blazing trails and getting places, we’ve been through the process.

Thought Leadership

You want a guide who is a leader, not a follower. You want a guide who is organized, exceptionally knowledgeable, and mingles with other experts. We do just that. Our annual Mastermind conference brings together a speaking lineup of the industry’s best, headlined in 2018 and 2019 by author and marketing thought leader, Seth Godin. We believe that knowledge should be shared. That’s why we openly offer regular tips on advanced digital marketing tactics and technical SEO strategies. In our Mastermind Interview Series, we interview key influencers from the biggest and brightest up-and-coming brands to uncover the most groundbreaking marketing strategies. Our leaders and employees have spoken in conferences all over the world.

Giving Back

A good guide understands their relationship to the earth and gives it the respect and gratitude it is due. Just as the land provides him with water and food, so he gives back. We pledge 1% of our revenue to charitable causes and let each employee individually decide to which charity their portion of the funds will be allocated. We sponsor the AF Canyon Run Against Cancer and invite our clients to run with us free of charge. We run the board for the Silicon Slopes marketing chapter, and our VP of Operations sits on the board of the Utah Digital Marketing Collective. We give back to the marketing world that has given us so much.

Elevated Experiences

elevated experiences

Getting through the jungle with a guide is the experience of a lifetime. Just so, working with an agency should be an elevating experience in every way. That’s why we treat our clients to experiences that go beyond just elite-level results. The “wow” factor isn’t just something extra; it’s what drives us. In everything we do, we deliver the best. From corporate ski passes to priority access to our annual Mastermind conference, we take every available opportunity to delight our clients. After all, customer satisfaction is only the first step. At 97th Floor, we embrace the idea of an experience economy, and when it comes to how we treat our clients, “good enough” is never good enough. We’ll get you through the jungle and to your journey’s end better than you were when you started and you’ll have some unforgettable experiences along the way.

Simply put, when you take 97th Floor as your guide, something just feels different.

We spend time doing the dirty work. In the crazy jungle of marketing, we are your boots on the ground, your trailblazers in the weeds. Your vision is our vision and we will help you get there. The online marketing world is a vast and complicated one, but we will be your guides.

Let’s start our journey today!