Yesterday, September 23, was the final day of BrightEdge’s Share15 conference in San Francisco. Share15 is a Content Performance Marketing event put on “for digital marketers, by digital marketers.” The conference is a specific opportunity for BrightEdge users to get hands-on. This year’s conference had speakers from several big players in the industry, including BrightEdge, Salesforce, Google, and many others.

Chris Bennett, 97th Floor’s CEO, had the chance to speak at the conference yesterday. 97th Floor is a certified BrightEdge Agency Partner, and several of our clients use BrightEdge in their business. Chris was excited for the opportunity to speak here, as this was his first year presenting at a Share conference. He also enjoyed this chance to speak alongside his old friend, Kirill Konrod from Adobe, who had some great insights on Google’s Quick Answer boxes. Chris’s presentation emphasized tactics such as focusing on keyword research, using those keywords to recognize and create better content, and making sure that you are creating altruistic content for the user.

Not only was Chris one of the speakers at Share15, but 97th Floor was a sponsor of this year’s event, setting up a “swag machine" for use by conference attendees.


The machine was filled with shirts and portable chargers. To get their swag, participants could tweet a selfie in front of the machine, tagging @97thfloor, #share15, and a special hashtag the machine would generate. Once the tweet went out, the machine would dispense the loot.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.49.26 PM

We figured that Share15 was the perfect opportunity to showcase the machine. Where better than a Digital Conference to share a fun, innovative platform to build social engagement?

Not only did this generate buzz for 97th Floor and Share15, it also fell right in line with Chris’s message from his presentation, and 97th Floor’s own brand, combining creative tactics for bigger results.

We loved coming to Share15 and working with BrightEdge. Their staff was wonderful to work with and a real class act. They really proved just how much they  care about their customers. Thanks, guys!