How much is twenty dollars worth? This season for our 2014 holiday card, we at 97th Floor would like to demonstrate the awesome, positive power of money. Below is the digital version of the card we sent to clients and partners, which included a twenty dollar bill to help them jumpstart the giving. We are encouraging everyone who sees this video and card to set aside a single twenty dollar bill and to use that money to help someone in need. Holiday Card Holiday Card 2

Did you gift someone special with $20 this holiday season? Share what you did with your $20 on Twitter (or in the comments below) with the hashtag #20helps. 

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Buy a hot meal for someone who needs one.
  2. Keep someone dry by giving them a new hat or umbrella.
  3. Bring someone home by filling up their gas tank.
  4. Help a new parent by donating baby formula or a box of diapers.
  5. Show your appreciation for service by leaving someone an extra large tip.
  6. Purchase new clothing or blankets for a homeless shelter.
  7. Give a bouquet of flowers to someone who’s having a hard day.
  8. Brighten up an underprivileged-child’s holiday with a bag of toys.
  9. Pay for someone’s meal in a restaurant.
  10. Keep tails wagging by contributing food to an animal shelter.
  11. Give $20 to a total stranger, and let them decide the best use for it.

For more inspiration, search the same hashtag and see what others have done!