If you are looking for a killer LinkedIn strategy then look no further. This is most likely the best LinkedIn Ad strategy available, particularly because it was originally developed by AJ Wilcox, the pioneer of LinkedIn advertising. Everything worthwhile that I’ve learned about LinkedIn ads has come from him, and our implementation of his strategies has brought some spectacular results. I will walk you through a simplified strategy development and implementation of the best LinkedIn campaigns you will ever set eyes on.

The Idea

First of all, you must understand this basic idea. We target a single title in four different ways - job function, job title, skills, and groups.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 8.39.23 PM

This strategy takes into account that everyone updates different parts of their profiles. We want to ensure we reach everyone in that position, even if there is a bit of overlap. We layer it with seniority and any other important identifiers like location and company size.


Find The Right Client

LinkedIn advertising isn't for everyone. I look for businesses that are B2B, have high revenue per sale, and have long sale cycles.

Use Valuable Offers

We use proprietary research that is very valuable in the industry. Here are a few different offers you can use. Just keep in mind the barrier entry to each one. You will most likely get fewer but more qualified leads from assets like a webinar than you will from a guide.

  1. Free eBook
  2. Report (5 secrets to, How-tos, 100 ideas, top industry trends, 5 steps)
  3. Guide
  4. Example of your product (descriptive photo or video)
  5. Webinar
  6. Summit

Identify The Title You Want To Target

A lot more strategy could be discussed on this point alone, but keep in mind that C-levels are most likely not bringing the buying options to the table. It depends on the offer, but we typically like to target Senior Analysts and Managers.

Create Your Matrix

A matrix helps you map out each campaign. I organize it by title then list the four types of campaigns underneath. Make sure to actually test each campaign so you don’t discover too late that a certain title doesn’t actually exist, or that your job function and location layered together have an audience too narrow to target.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 8.42.08 PM

Conduct Research For Skills And Groups

For example, if you are targeting Managers of IT, research what groups and skills only someone in their position would have listed. I simply hop on LinkedIn and start stalking away. After I researched about 10-15 of the best people I can find with that title, I go through my list and highlight the skills they have in common that seem unique to their industry. I always have my client go through the list to make sure my findings are in line with what they know about their industry.

Build Your Campaigns

Build the four campaigns for each title using your research. Here are a few additional tips to help you out.

  • Make sure to layer seniority, location, and company size as needed.
  • I like to bid on the high end of what is recommended and adjust as necessary.
  • Exclude salesman titles! They will click on your ads all day.
  • Keep your CTR above .4%. Otherwise, you will see your CPCs gradually increase to maintain your results.

See Amazing Results

You’re all set. Now watch your amazing results roll in! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via Twitter or LinkedIn.