97th Floor specializes in full-funnel marketing strategy combining SEO, paid media, content marketing and design services. We generate sustainable growth for well-funded startups up to the Fortune 500—including AT&T, LG, Google and Celebrity Cruises.

  • There is a lot that makes 97th Floor different, but maybe our biggest differentiator is how we structure our teams.
  • Most agencies have clients interact with a project manager who may not work on the account. In this scenario, work spread across siloed departments results in communication breakdowns.
  • At 97th Floor,  everyone who works on an account is on the same team and our clients regularly interact directly with that team.
  • Teams are comprised of experts across many different disciplines and are supported by dedicated leaders.

What sets 97th Floor apart?

Operating from the intersection of creative and analytical work, we deliver the results our clients want and need, like...

The award-winning campaign (featuring sledge hammers) that won 100+ closed deals for Revver (formerly eFileCabinet) from one trade show, Increasing new users by 48% with a killer SEO strategy, cutting a 240-day sales cycle to 90 days,

A 371% increase in MoM digital sales for the Utah Jazz,  and a 390% increase in referral traffic.

Our ability to generate sustainable growth for our clients is impressive, but the how is quite simple. The 97th Floor advantage all comes down to team structure.

The 97th Floor Advantage

In most agencies, you almost exclusively interface with an account manager who directs strategy.

We found that this approach leaves too much room for miscommunication and errors.

97th Floor’s approach is radically different, yet radically simple: The people who are working on an account are all on the same team, supported by off-team leadership. 

With us, there’s no relay between an account manager and the marketers executing strategy. 

Our digital marketing experts have direct contact with our clients—the experts on their customers' needs—empowering our teams to deliver what our clients want and their businesses need.  

What matters to you - meeting revenue goals, moving new leads into the pipeline, an upcoming site migration, proving ROI - is never repeated in a haphazard game of telephone throughout the agency.

Our team structure

So what do these teams actually look like? Here are the savvy experts that our clients interact with on each team:

Account Director

An account director has chiefly three roles:

  • Client strategy
  • Communication
  • Team management

Because account directors oversee all of our disciplines, they work with their team members to ensure that execution is meeting strategy needs.

Most agencies use an account manager to manage a client-directed strategy. A key difference at 97th Floor is that the account director, leaning on their expertise and insights, forms a strategy and then connects with the client and the team to ensure communication and execution of the strategy is clear.

Content Marketer

You’ve heard the phrase, “content is king,” before, right?
While certainly true, this phrase spurred thousands of organizations to produce drivel for over a decade, all to the demise of good user experience online.

Short-term thinking has ruined content marketing.

The role of a content marketer at 97th Floor is to help our clients escape this monotony by crafting content based on in-depth persona research and a customer journey. 

The content marketer on each team is the “true north” when it comes to the customer’s experience and buyer journey, advocating for them and providing value across every stage.
Our content marketers bring value to our clients because they:

  • Become our client’s brand and audience expert
  • Plan and produce high-quality, user-driven content to lead consumers through the marketing funnel
  • Lean on expert insight to evaluate and adjust content strategy as needed

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is responsible for the client’s organic growth. Every initiative an SEO specialist takes on will fall under one of these three categories.

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page (backlinks)
  • Technical SEO

Everything an SEO does, be it an audit, backlink, or optimization, is tied to bottom-line results—brand awareness, traffic, and most importantly, revenue. 

SEO specialists who cannot defend their tactics as revenue-generating do not have a place at 97th Floor.

Advertising Specialist

Our advertising specialists are a true blend of creative and analytical, responsible for knowing:

  1. What is happening in an ad account
  2. Why it is happening
  3. What to do next to deliver the biggest ROI for our clients.

As advertising is a huge investment for both ad creation and management, our promise is to find the best way to spend your money based on who your target audience is (or should be) and what your goals are. 

Last year, we ran ads across 23 different platforms based on the custom campaign strategy we crafted for each client.

To name a few, our ad specialists have robust experience in the following areas:

  • Search – ex: Google, Microsoft, Quora
  • Social – Meta (Facebook & Instagram), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, Twitter
  • Display & video – ex: AdRoll, Google, NBCU, YouTube
  • ABM – ex: RollWorks, 6sense, Terminus
  • OTT/CTV – ex: NBCU / Peacock, Hulu, MNTN
  • OOH – ex: NBCU / ReachTV / Firefly

Clear data coupled with responsive and creative optimizations make our advertising specialists ROI machines.

Off-team support

Every member of our client teams is given off-team support and training, all to our client’s benefit. 

Head of Content - From buyer personas, semantic research, content production, and strategy development, Rachel Bascom ensures that each content marketer has the know-how and the tools to create winning content strategies for our clients.

Head of Advertising - Haley Riemenschneider helps our ad specialists drive client results with awareness continuums, B2B buyer journeys, and customer funnels to create cutting-edge marketing campaigns across multiple ad platforms.

Head of SEO - Trent Howard keeps our SEO specialists sharp, always exploring the best tools and techniques for uncovering the best practices to bring our clients sustainable organic growth. 

Head of Design - Rian Kasner’s design team delivers beautiful and functional designs on time and in a variety of styles. The diversity of 97th Floor designers ensures that each execution team can provide a wide array of design formats and styles.

Executive Director of Palomar - Palomar is a patent-pending software suite for digital marketers developed by 97th Floor. The toolset inside Palomar analyzes large mountains of data in real-time to create a clear-cut digital strategy. Executive Director of Palomar Josh Moody monitors the latest trends in keyword research, SEO analysis, and content marketing to keep building tools that help our teams make the best decisions for our clients.

VP of Client Services  - Samantha Brown fills this crucial support role for our marketing teams. She makes it possible for our teams to deliver excellent work by:

  • Assisting in strategy questions, and ensuring ADs are equipped with the necessary skills to build relationships and achieve results
  • Finding the right talent to fill the roles of specialists 
  • Improving processes and training to make work more efficient
  • Emotional support for all team members ADs, Specialists, and Interns

Our system continues to mature and evolve, but at its core, we believe that when our clients interface directly with a team of marketers that work together daily, both 97th Floor and our clients are better for it.