Employees at 97th Floor had a fun afternoon trading in our spreadsheets and computer screens for parachutes and soccer games. With the help of United Way, 97th Floor was provided with the opportunity to volunteer at the South Franklin Community Center, just 20 minutes south of our Lehi location. JuliAnne Tanner, Major Gifts Specialist at United Way, says that “the SFCC serves an at-risk population. Each family in the area presents a unique set of challenges. Volunteers really are making a difference in these kids’ lives by establishing educational priorities, developing healthy habits, and building a stronger sense of community attachment, all of which lead to better life decisions.”

From the moment we walked into the South Franklin Community Center, the children were eager to play. We headed outside where we taught the kids a few new games. In return, the kids taught us a thing or two about how to properly launch plastic balls from a parachute, and how to quickly slide through a hula hoop. By the end of the afternoon we all left with a few new friends.


I love SFCC’s mission to serve both children and families in the area. This program gives the children in this at-risk population the chance to meet and interact with other community members. Paxton Gray, Director of Marketing Operations at 97th Floor, said of our time volunteering, “[It] is important not only because it helps others in our community, but also because it simultaneously connects us with people outside our normal circles. Connecting one-on-one with others is essential for a strong sense of belonging on both sides and is the backbone for a supportive and charitable community.” It supports the child, which supports the family, which then supports the whole community. 97th Floor came to mentor these kids, but we left equally served from the children’s reminder of the happiness and joy that can be found in life.