Find charities that match your philanthropic goals and help us donate $50,000.

We’ve very excited to announce CharityLabs to the world! While launching massive-scale marketing campaigns has been our business for over 16 years, it has never been our mission. CharityLabs is our charitable arm with a mission to find new ways to use technology for good.

This year, we’ve built the first-ever charity-matching engine to connect people with causes they care about. For years, 97th Floor employees have selected charities to receive their company-sponsored donations, giving the team the opportunity to learn about new causes, find greater empathy, and gain awareness of brave organizations driving change in the world. CharityLabs is the next stage of this tradition—built for the public.

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To get started, you’ll take the “Charity Quiz”—a series of questions that will identify your philanthropic goals. You may want to focus your efforts and donations on addressing Climate Change. Or maybe you’ll want to contribute to organizations that address inequality. No matter your goals, can help you find charities that deserve your attention.

We’re also excited to announce that we’re donating $50,000 to charities of YOUR choice. We want your help figuring out which charities should share this donation. Here's what you need to do:

  • Follow CharityLabs' social accounts
  • Submit your favorite charities by tagging them on our contest social posts.

Every “tag” of a charity counts as a percentage of the $50,000 donated, so get to it—tag deserving charities on each of these posts: