Last week, marketing executives, e-commerce managers, analysts, and more gathered in Milan, Italy for SMX Milan. SMX is one of the leading international digital marketing conferences, and is organized by Business International and Third Door Media. Sessions focused on SEO, paid search, social media marketing, mobile marketing, analytics, and more.

Paxton Gray, 97th Floor’s Director of Marketing Operations, was a featured speaker at SMX Milan this year. His presentation, The Elements of Viral-Worthy Content: Technical Operation, focuses on what it takes to create a consistent, targeted, and well-optimized content campaign. “How do I get my content to go viral?” is the wrong question to ask, according to his presentation. “If your goal is virality, you’ll probably miss the things that can help you go viral.”

“Viral” content is unpredictable; however, Paxton laid out three characteristics that are necessary for content to be considered viral. First, it reaches a mass audience. Second, it is promoted by its consumers. Finally, it is inexpensive to spread. Paxton then further breaks down the process, especially focusing on keyword research.

In the end, the presentation was very well received. Paxton enjoyed his visit to Milan, and he was able to connect with people in several different industries, both in the US and Italy.

Great job, Paxton!

View the full deck from his presentation below: