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In this episode of 97th Floor Radio, Chris Bennett, CEO and Founder of 97th Floor discusses his start in graphic design and computer technology and all things digital long before design, web development and online technology were part of the mainstream workflow. A fascination with traditional marketing and digital marketing, namely the idea of being able to create something that compels action on the part of consumers, whether it be to purchase a product or sign up for a course or subscribe for more information. His move to online marketing came as he learned more about the competitive marketplace and the great equalizer that is digital, where a solopreneur can compete with big name brands by applying best practices in content and testing.

You will learn:

  • His goal and vision for 97th Floor when he started over 10 years ago and how it’s changed over time.
  • How 97th Floor went from a lifestyle business working on primarily SEO tactics to a full service digital marketing agency with 40+ employees in two years.
  • How to create a culture of autonomy, confidence and trust that allows for rapid adaptability by accident.
  • That being hopelessly optimistic is okay
  • How missing a big opportunity helped him refocus his efforts when developing and pursuing new ideas.
  • It’s important to learn to both drive traffic and nurture an audience.
  • How he lost everything and rebuilt financially while supporting his wife and newborn twins.
  • Overcoming doubt, negativity and developing resilience and hyper focus.
  • Getting clear on what’s important in terms of business, family, money and goals.
  • Feeling conflicted over his decision to pursue business over education until he decided his learning style was just as good and would serve his goals better in the long-term.
  • Finding entrepreneurial opportunities and like-minded individuals while working for someone else.

do more than you read - continue your education but remember to test everything and find out what’s true for you.

  • Test stuff out in an environment that is not high stress - use your hobbies to develop skills and split test tactics.
  • Failures and regrets are not the same thing.
  • What he hopes to be remembered for by his sons.
  • How to live without excuses and turning trial and error into success, again and again.

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