humility is about confidence. it's about knowing you're enough. it's not better than and it's not less than.

Welcome to the the 97th Floor Mastermind Interview Series where each week sit down with one of the makers, thought leaders and visionaries behind the biggest and/or up-and-coming brands around. We talk about everything from business and marketplace insights to personal journeys, successes, failures and legacy.

In this episode we’re talking to CEO and Co-Founder of Homie, Johnny Hanna. Homie is a platform where you can buy or sell your home online without an agent. In this interview, we talk about building a blue ocean within an old industry. Johnny shares his insight about educating on a new offering in a marketplace, scaling and living on the spectrum of “less than” and “better than.” We dive into the meaning of failure and what work-life balance really means. Let’s jump in!

Show Notes

0:10 Building a blue ocean

3:45 All about Johnny

6:15 Mentoring and giving back

6:56 What is Homie?

11:20 Educating on a new offering in a marketplace

12:43 Scaling requires education, data and nailing the “it factor”

18:18 The spectrum of “less than” and “better than”

22:23 Finding good fits within a team

24:33 Work-life harmony and defining seasons of business

28:53 What keeps Johnny up at night

30:00 Failure and solving one problem at a time

39:00 Johnny’s legacy

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