As each year comes to an end, we all draw our minds to what’s next.

But in the twilight between today and 2020, we at 97th Floor kick off our annual #20Helps campaign. The campaign was launched five years ago with a simple challenge: Demonstrate the positive power of money by setting aside a $20 bill for good.

We love the #20Helps campaign because it allows us to fulfill our mission of giving back. Being a Pledge 1% organization gives us many opportunities to share with our local and global community. We love that we can add #20Helps to our list of charity doings!

On the fifth year anniversary of #20Helps, we thought to tackle one of the biggest problems in today’s day and age. We thought, how can we use this campaign to connect people together?

This year, #20Helps is an invitation to connect.

As the years pass us by a $20 dollar bill doesn’t go as far as it used to. But when gifted with the love and attention that only comes through a genuine human connection, $20 can impact lives.

Here are a few ideas we thought of to make the most out of #20Helps this year:

  • A bag of groceries for a neighbor
  • Movie tickets (and baby sitting) for new parents
  • Ice cream and a listening ear for a friend
  • Lunch with a struggling friend
  • Buy something at a kid’s lemonade or hot cocoa stand
  • Help fill up a tank of gas
  • Extra snacks for your coworkers
  • A fine dark chocolate bar for your friend on a diet
  • A large tip for your kind rideshare driver
  • Helping someone who didn’t know it was “cash only”
  • A book you loved to help a struggling friend

We’d love to see what you come up with! Share your story using the hashtag #20Helps and track your impact with the #20Helps app (iOS) (Android).