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Marketing in the home service industry has never been more complex. Market saturation increases yearly, and there's no spring cleaning coming anytime soon. This means you've got to work harder than ever to escape the crowd and impress your ideal customer, all while revenues rise and fall with each change in season.

With years of experience in the industry, 97th Floor is the strategic partner ready to find your ideal client wherever they are, right when they’re searching for you.

Listen, we’ve been doing this for almost 20 years—let’s get to work.
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We Know What Works

With home owners as your target audience, success is all about finding a niche and getting visible online. In most home services verticals, over 55% of consumers run a Google search before scheduling an appointment. (Source: LSA) The percentage of consumers who don’t have one company in mind when they start their search is well over 70%.

But here’s what’s really fascinating: 78% of local searches on mobile devices lead to a purchase within 24 hours. (Source: ComScore) 24 hours!

Home owners are ready for solutions as soon as they have a problem, and their searches are high buying intent. The businesses with strong SEO, the right paid ad keyword strategies, and the strongest landing pages will win the bid here before your customer even considers other options.

We won’t waste time feeding you generic ad creatives or stale keyword ranking strategies. We’ll couple your unique brand with our Great Marketing to deliver ROI like you’ve only dreamed about.

Marketing Services for Growth
in Home Services

We help our clients hit aggressive CPA targets, fill the marketing funnel, and hit marketing-attributed revenue goals—through a combination of the following services:


Promoting your home services brand requires expertise across various digital platforms, from social media to Google Ads and beyond. At 97th Floor, we partner with you to strategically advertise to your audience where they are, understanding their pain points and positioning your brand to provide solutions.


Ranking in Home Services can be tough. Search queries relevant to your brand yield only local map packs. Listacles from companies like Yelp, Forbes, Marketwatch, and Angie’s List dominate the top ten, each one pushing your site farther away from your audience. We help you fight through the competition to attract qualified leads through quality SEO.


Your personas make decisions based on their first impressions, which makes aesthetic appeal a high priority. Our designers create visually stunning assets that resonate with potential customers, influencing their perception of your brand and guiding them through the conversion funnel.


Your personas love DIY projects, pricing calculators, and consumer reviews. So, we do too! Our team creates content that lets the user in on the process of repairs or purchasing. We help your brand be transparent and real with customers; providing cost estimates, well-written blog posts, informative articles, studies, and user reports to move your audience straight through to conversion.

Seen enough? Let’s build your custom strategy.

No cookie-cutter pitches from us! We build custom strategies based on each of our clients’ unique goals. Here’s what you can expect from 97th Floor:
A consistent, dedicated team of marketers
Writers, advertisers, SEOs, and designers experienced in Home Services
Unparalleled audience research capabilities (with our own patented tech)
KPIs tracked and reported consistently, the ones you care about most
Campaigns launched within 2 weeks of kick-off
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97th Floor – Not Like Other Marketing Agencies

There is a lot that sets 97th Floor apart from other marketing agencies, but one of our biggest differentiators is how we structure our teams. Read more about our unique methods and organization here. Another differentiator is our dedication to Great Marketing, three principles we live and work by. At 97th Floor, we know that marketing based on empathy, innovation, and profitability drives results and elevates the brands we work with and believe in. Read more about Great Marketing here.

Why Do I Need a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing in Home Services can be overwhelming. It has the power to make or break your brand, but it changes and evolves daily, leaving you scrabbling to stay on top of the dog pile. Let’s face it, you’ve got better things to do than pour over keywords or backlinks. We’ll take the load off your shoulders and let you get busy with the things you love doing.

Will Digital Marketing Really Boost My Brand?

Yes! In the Home Services industry, neglecting digital presence is a death sentence to your brand. You won’t catch your audience’s eye with traditional out-of-home advertising like billboards or newspapers– your personas prefer online research and exploration before they make decisions. With the right digital approach, tailored to your audience’s preferences and pain points, you can address their needs and convert them into qualified leads. Without one, potential customers will always opt for your competitors.

Each part of developing an online digital presence helps you move potential customers toward conversion. Engaging and informative content builds trust. Aesthetic appeal through high-level design makes a good first impression and adds authority. An SEO strategy ensures online visibility. Quality advertising methods put your brand in front of your target audience at exactly the right moment.

At 97th Floor, we combine content, design, SEO, and advertising for comprehensive digital game plans that drive real, measurable results. The Home Services industry is notoriously competitive, but we’ll help you help your brand survive and thrive with a custom digital marketing strategy.


Home Service companies require marketing services that are aware of the nuances in their field, experienced in a wide variety of emerging digital tools, and adaptable to individual projects. We’ve served countless Home Service clients over our 20 years in the digital marketing game, and are tried-and-true pros at adapting to each of their needs. Need we say more?
Results can vary depending on what kind of service and project we’re working on. For example, SEO and content marketing typically take a few months to show significant results, while paid advertising can yield quicker outcomes. Feel free to contact us for more specifics.
“Profitability" is one of 97th Floor's three pillars of Great Marketing. While not all companies are profitable, 97th Floor's client investments should provide profitable returns. Because marketing strategies can take time, we hold ourselves accountable to the closest possible metrics to profitability—revenue, Sales-Accepted Leads, demo requests, etc.
97th Floor builds custom strategies to match each client's industry, unique competitive position, and growth goals. Hiring a marketing agency is a difficult task that requires immense trust. Before we begin charging clients, we perform 1-2 weeks of research on them to build a custom plan (with associated pricing) that helps them achieve their goals.
We believe in maintaining clear and consistent communication with our clients. You can expect regular updates and comprehensive reports that detail the progress and performance of your marketing campaigns. Our team will provide insights and recommendations based on data, ensuring you are always informed about the effectiveness of our strategies and any adjustments needed to optimize results.
Absolutely. We are well-equipped to optimize your online presence to rank higher in local search results, utilizing tried-and-true strategies like local keyword optimization and local link building. This helps increase visibility among potential customers searching for home services in your area, driving more traffic and leads to your business.
At 97th Floor, we have experience working with a wide range of Home Services businesses, including real estate, solar, water supply, interior design, pool construction, home rental services, HVAC, and many more. With each new client, we take steps to ensure that our individually tailored strategies fully match the unique challenges and opportunities within each sector. No matter how niche your specialty or how specific your personas, we have the skill and experience to help you drive ROI like you’ve only dreamed.
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© 2024 - 97th Floor. All rights reserved.
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Proudly founded in Utah. Growing businesses worldwide.