Growth Spurt: The SEO Campaign That Spurred Lawn Doctor's Most Profitable Season Ever


Increase in Mobile Organic Traffic


Increase in Mobile Organic Conversions


Increase in Mobile Conversion Rate


Industry: Home Services

About Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor's founders built the first-ever automated lawn care machine in the 1960's; today the business is a franchise model with locations all over the country.


When Lawn Care corporate approached 97th Floor, they were unimpressed with the results coming from their current SEO and PPC agency.

Lawn care is a highly seasonal business, but Lawn Doctor only saw a lift from digital marketing at the end of their busy season. Lawn Doctor needed a strategic partner to help them generate interest and get in front of customers ahead of the coming year's busy season to maximize sales . 97th Floor began work in November; we had three months to work before Lawn Doctor's busy season begins in March.

The Strategy

Working closely with Lawn Doctor, 97th Floor identified dozens of high-volume terms that were predominantly searched on mobile devices. 

We then optimized key landing pages for these terms and worked with thought leaders, industry publications, and media outlets to acquire high authority backlinks over the course of the campaign. 

Extensive user tracking and A/B testing enabled us to improve the user experience on the site, helping to convert the increased organic traffic coming in from the SEO campaign.


By the end of the campaign, Lawn Doctor outranked each of their competitors – locally and nationally. 

Additionally, Lawn Doctor saw:

  • Organic traffic increase 78% year-over-year
  • Organic traffic to the site’s already top-performing landing page increase by 1100%
  • Organic conversions increase 307% year-over-year
  • Overall conversion rate (all traffic) increase 126% year-over-year
  • Higher share of voice for primary converting terms than any of our competitors

The SEO campaign was so successful that it produced Lawn Doctor's most profitable season to-date – talk about grassroots, huh?

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