What makes
Great Marketing?

Our Approach is informed by three
essential criteria:
Empathy: the thorough exploration of who our target personas are beyond their role as potential buyers of our products and services.
Innovation: the courage to experiment beyond best practices to achieve unprecedented results.
Profitability: the discipline to measure and make an honest accounting of every marketing strategy by its ability to drive profitable growth.

Why Empathy

Marketing that makes a profit at the expense of an audience—without truly caring about them—can make gains in the short-term. But today’s buyers commit long-term to empathetic brands.

Why Innovation

When the pace at which companies are innovating is so rapid, safe marketing will not be enough to keep up with the competition. Taking calculated risk is actually the safest way to grow.

Why Profitability

None of the metrics marketers report on matter if there is no route to profitability in the long-term. Impressions, clicks, leads, MQLs—without a clearly defined path to revenue, they’re pats on the back.

How Do We Consistently Produce Great Marketing?

We don’t leave it up to chance.

No two clients are identical, but our process for learning about, reaching, and influencing your customers is something we've refined for almost two decades.
01 | Research & Ideation
Audience Research & Persona Generation
Customer Journey Mapping
User Experience Report
Competitive Analysis
Channel Exploration
Tracking & Conversion Setup
02 | Implementation & Enablement
Launch Test Campains
Baseline Metric Establishment
Internam Proposals & Decision-Making Analysis
Content Optimization
Technical Optimization
Ad Platform Buildout
03 | Growth & Expansion
Wide Scale Platform & Campaign Roll-Out
Content Publishing
Growth & Efficiency Pattern
Never-Been-Done-Before Campain Pitching
04 | Analysis & Reinvestment
Bi-Weekly Phone Calls
Custom Live-Report Dashboard
Quarterly Business Reviews
& Ideation
& Enablement
& Reinvestment
& Expansion

Our Unique
Team Structure

Invested in our clients’ growth like our jobs depend on it.
Each of our clients is assigned an entire team of marketers covering a broad range of capability - we’ll fill in gaps and push farther together.
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© 2024 - 97th Floor. All rights reserved.
Privacy Policy.
Proudly founded in Utah. Growing businesses worldwide.