On the Move: How 97th Floor Increased JK Moving’s Leads by 108%


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Industry: Home Services

About JK Moving

JK Moving is the largest independent mover in North America, having made over half a million moves. Their residential services include local, long-distance, and international moves. They offer commercial services including office and facility relocation, biotech and lab services, and warehousing and archival services.


JK Moving came to 97th Floor after a previous agency failed to deliver cost-effective leads through JK Moving’s search advertisements. 

JK Moving needed a strong partner to take control of disorderly ad accounts and execute a strategy that would consistently deliver leads at a low cost.

97th Floor immediately took a deep dive into the client’s ad accounts, reviewing the entirety of the account history to own a complete understanding of previous and current campaign results. 

97th Floor’s thorough audit revealed much about JK Moving’s ad accounts, including the following:

  • JK Moving had achieved a very high conversion rate in the previous six months of 16.98%.
  • The average cost per click and average cost per conversion had been 339.06% and 82.40% higher than the industry averages, respectively. 
  • Each search campaign was using 17 different conversional actions as its goals. These goals were in competition and Google did not know what to prioritize and optimize.
  • JK Moving’s ad groups were splintered, wasting budget and making it nearly impossible for Google’s machine learning to optimize.
  • Within the search terms report for all campaigns, there were over 189,900 search terms that had never been assessed for keyword inclusion or exclusion.94% of the ads had a quality score below 7, hurting costs and ad positions. 

The Strategy

Based on this audit, 97th Floor’s goal for the account was to maintain and increase JK Moving’s ad’s high conversion rate while decreasing costs and using budget more efficiently to ultimately increase the return on investment.

97th Floor’s strategy included the following ad account optimizations:

  1. Condense campaigns by keyword match type and device.
  2. Remove low-priority conversion actions from campaign goals.
  3. Turn off targeting Search Partners due to historically high costs and low conversion rates.
  4. Change bid strategies to target CPA in all campaigns and lower target CPAs to use auction-bidding to get the most conversions possible.
  5. Condense the number of ad groups to a few tightly-themed groups. Limit each ad group to around 15 keywords.
  6. Adjust the number of RSAs in each ad group based on monthly search volume.
  7. Improve ad strength ratings with more relevant keywords and unique headlines.
  8. Add extra extensions to the account, campaign, and ad group levels as opportunities arise to increase CTRs.
  9. Add negative keywords to the account.
  10. Improve keyword quality scores by rewriting ads to improve relevancy and adjusting landing pages to improve landing page experience.


97th Floor’s meticulous fine-tuning produced a 190% increase in new users to the site, and a 108% increase in leads overall, while lowering JK Moving’s cost per lead by 50%.

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