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Marketers in cybersecurity can’t underestimate how deeply technical the subject matter is and how sophisticated the target personas are. We certainly don’t.

97th Floor helps Cybersecurity companies discover, reach, and influence decision-makers in security.

We do it through blended advertising, SEO, and content marketing campaigns—all founded on a deep understanding of your customer.
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Your sales cycle is long and your target personas are brilliant, but let’s be honest, they don’t respond all that well to marketing. On top of that, Cybersecurity is saturated with overlapping service and product providers.

You need highly-targeted campaigns directed at all who influence the decision-making process and we’ve successfully reached and influenced these personas:

 • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)
 • Chief Security Officers (CSOs)
 • Security Architects
 • Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst
 • Network Security Engineers
 • Machine Learning Engineers
 • Information Security Analysts
 • And more

Marketing Services for Growth
in Cybersecurity

We help our clients hit aggressive CPA targets, fill the sales pipeline, and hit marketing-attributed revenue goals—through a combination of the following marketing services:


Deploying ads in cybersecurity requires an understanding of not just one, but all advertising platforms that can influence CISOs (and all their colleagues). Most commonly, this is a combination of LinkedIn, Google, and Reddit ads, but can also extend to Out-of-Home (OOH), programmatic, and ABM platforms.


In an industry with such aggressive competition, we need a deeply technical understanding of the queries searched by cybersecurity decision-makers—queries at every stage of the marketing funnel. This usually means identifying a large number of lower-volume, long-tail keywords that correspond with your company’s unique selling propositions.


We have found that audiences in cybersecurity have unique design preferences in the ads they click, the pages they convert on, and the digital signage they respond to. Our designers work closely with our content marketers to combine these preferences with copy that influences your target personas down the funnel.


Personas in cybersecurity are among the most sophisticated and technical people on the planet. They can easily recognize high-quality content and will quickly give their trust to the organizations who take the time to create it. We work closely with our clients’ Subject Matter Experts to ensure every blog post, whitepaper, report, or study will resonate.

Let’s Build
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No cookie-cutter pitches from us! We build custom strategies based on each of our clients’ unique goals. Here’s what you can expect from 97th Floor:
A consistent, dedicated team of marketers
Writers, advertisers, SEOs, and designers experienced in Cybersecurity
Unparalleled audience research capabilities (with our own patented tech)
KPIs tracked and reported consistently, the ones you care about most
Campaigns launched within 2 weeks of kick-off
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Profitability" is one of 97th Floor's three pillars of Great Marketing. While not all companies are profitable, 97th Floor's client investments should provide profitable return. Because marketing strategies can take time, we hold ourselves accountable to the closest-possible metrics to profitability—revenue, Sales-Accepted Leads, demo requests, etc.
97th Floor builds custom marketing strategies to match each client's industry, unique competitive position, and growth goals. Hiring a marketing agency is a difficult task that requires immense trust. Before we begin charging clients, we perform 1-2 weeks of research on them to build a custom plan (with associated pricing) that helps them achieve their goals.
Marketing in cybersecurity requires a deep understanding of those who make and influence decisions, knowing each role's primary challenges/motivations, the channels they use, and the messaging that will resonate with them. In addition, it requires the capability to write technical content and deploy technology that proves expertise. 97th Floor has targeted roles in security for two decades and holds the expertise—in-house—to launch, monitor, and report on these marketing campaigns.
While the Cybersecurity industry is seeing unprecedented growth, the total addressable market of cybersecurity decision makers is relatively small and deal sizes are large. 97th Floor takes a hyper-targeted approach with strict ICP and Persona guidelines to avoid wasted adspend and timely targeting of those who can make buying decisions.

In addition, most marketers in security make the costly mistake of relying solely on bottom-of-funnel campaigns meant to drive quick buying decisions. 97th Floor engages prospective customers at every stage of their buying funnel.
97th Floor employs writers and content strategists with over 10 years in industry-specific expertise. In addition, our work requires a tight-knit relationship with clients' Subject Matter Experts as we will never have the same level of our clients' most brilliant minds. Our priority is to make the ideation, writing, and review process as seamless as possible.
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© 2024 - 97th Floor. All rights reserved.
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Proudly founded in Utah. Growing businesses worldwide.