By: Bill Giles

97th Floor 2015 Holiday Card: #20Helps

December 1, 2015


How many ways can “20” help? 20 isn’t a particularly large number, but in the right context, it can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Last year, 97th Floor sent holiday cards, along with a video, to clients, partners, and friends and encouraged them to set aside $20 to help someone around them. Each card included an additional $20 bill to help them jump start the giving. People could then use the #20helps hashtag to spread the message to others.

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This year, in addition to the $20, we are taking it one step further. Instead of focusing specifically on money, we are encouraging everyone who sees this year’s card and video to look for any way in which “20 helps.”

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Here are a few ideas, just to get you started:

  • Say hello to 20 strangers
  • Shovel an extra 20 feet of your neighbor’s sidewalk
  • Read to a child for 20 minutes
  • Donate 20 blankets to a homeless shelter
  • $20 worth of gas for a stranded driver
  • Drive an extra 20 miles (or 20 minutes) out of your way to visit someone

There are countless possibilities. Remember, 20 may not seem like much… but 20 helps.

This year’s card includes the same $20 as last year’s, which recipients are asked to use to help someone else, plus two artisan chocolate bars from Taste in Provo, UT

Written by Bill Giles on December 1, 2015

Bill is a Writer and Content Manager at 97th Floor.

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