Most B2B cybersecurity ads are stale. The ones that pop creatively stand the best chance of breaking out and winning a CISO’s attention, but sometimes fresh ideas just aren’t knocking.

We dug through hundreds of LinkedIn cybersecurity ads to find six unique and interesting approaches to help you take your next ad refresh to a new level.  

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks’ ad stands out for cohesiveness between copy and design, strengthening the impact of the ad’s message. Pairing the idea of unknown threats with the impression of half-turned blinds evokes that eerie feeling of being watched by something unseen. This strengthens the ad’s promises of protection for “whatever whenever wherever.” Palo Alto Networks is positioning itself as an omniscient and omnipresent security solution, putting a certain 2006 babysitter receiving threatening phone calls customers at ease.

Brainstorm: What objects symbolize safety or privacy to your audience? How can you use those objects to create something visually interesting?


Crowdstrike leverages Gartner’s authority in this ad highlighting their place on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Gartner is a trusted source on cybersecurity and IT solutions for CrowdStrike’s audience, and using this report for advertising is a brilliant and low-effort win.

Brainstorm: Have you won any awards or accolades that you can put on an advertisement? What about client testimonials?


Darktrace succeeds here by getting specific. Not only are they directly calling out CISOs, but they’re tackling only one facet of security: email. This approach self-eliminates some audiences, but ensures that those who do interact with the ad are likely higher-intent. The headline text could be helped by offering some specifics about what the whitepaper offers, but the ad maintains strong branding and a strong call-to-action.

Brainstorm: What’s the most specific piece of content you can offer to your audience? How can you write ad copy that hits on just one pain point and offers one precise solution?

A10 Networks, Inc.

A10 Networks’ use of data visualization is a great idea. People are more apt to engage with graphs, statistics and data than a chunk of text. This chart invites A10’s audience to see how they stack up against their peers concerning TLS/SSL inspections, and the ad’s call-to-action implies that there is more to learn about how technology leaders consider decryption solutions.

However, this chart isn’t the easiest thing to swallow. This ad would be stronger with just a single metric or with a more simple visual from their data. As is, the ad requires too much of its viewer and, by failing to supply any conclusions about this data, leaves too much ambiguity about where this information puts its audience in relation to A10 Networks.

Brainstorm: What data can you share with your audience that will make them want to learn more about you?


Identity security company CyberArk’s ad pinpoints a problem experienced by their customers: losing so much time finding the right security solution and dealing with compliance that important projects get deprioritized. Rather than focusing on CyberArk’s product offerings, the ad leans on a secondary benefit that prospective buyers are eager for. A simple design and minimal colors make the ad visually appealing, and the offering of a personalized audit and compliance call is a strong call-to-action.

Brainstorm: What is the most significant benefit that your solution provides to your audience?


All cybersecurity ads pretty much look the same, so we love when a brand breaks out of the B2B monotony like Carbonite has. The visual analogy is straightforward and intriguing, demanding a pause and inviting a chuckle from its audience. With simple, unique ad creative, Carbonite establishes that its security solutions are so good that its customers can be completely unbothered about threats - even threats as sinister as prowling predators.

Brainstorm: What analogies does your brand or product lend itself to? How can you use that to surprise your audience?

Brainstorming creative for advertising can be some of the most enjoyable marketing work you’ll do in a day. Start with a strong batch of ideas like the ads above and some deep audience research, and you’re on your way to scroll-stopping advertising.

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