What is #behindeverynumber?

Marketers work with data every day, but it can be easy to forget that there are real people behind every number—we set out to find one of those people and help them out this holiday season.


We challenged ourselves to find the real people behind the data we analyze every day, see what we could learn from them, and find a way to lift them up.
Our friends and clients at ProAthlete (a hugely successful sports equipment company that owns JustBats, JustBallGloves, JustPaddles and Routine) eagerly partnered with us to make this possible.


For weeks and with the help of the ProAthlete marketing team, we crawled through ProAthlete’s data, layering it with other data sources to find a real customer we could help.
In our search we combed through:

-Thousands of orders
-Customer service tickets
-Abandoned carts (people who added to carts but didn’t complete purchases)
-Average household income by zip code
-ProAthlete company reviews (comments on Google, Yelp, and other review sites)


Finally we discovered the perfect candidate for this year’s campaign - Chris Evans and his non-profit, named the I AM KING Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri.
We invited Chris and a few of his players to tour Pro Athlete’s facility telling them we would be donating $1000 dollars to the foundation to cover the costs of new equipment and to help contribute to the I AM KING scholarship funds.

Thanks to this donation, the I AM KING was successfully able to give college scholarships to three qualifying young men - Markus, Cerron, and Isaiah - and lay a foundation for more boys to receive scholarships in the future.

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Come Together

What is the
I AM KING Foundation?

Chris Evans founded the I Am King Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, “to educate, inspire and empower young men to become community leaders.”

“When my son was in kindergarten, I literally had to beg parents to bring their kids out to play baseball because everyone wanted to do football and basketball. I brought them out there and they loved it. We had a great time and decided to see how far we could take it” - Chris Evans

Each baseball season Chris invests 20-30 hours of his time weekly coaching little league teams, planning educational field trips, and developing the young men he works with into leaders. The I Am King Foundation accepts donations in an effort to “level the playing field in little league baseball.”

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