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Industry: Health & Wellness

About Gympass

Gympass is an all-in-one employee benefit that provides flexible access to a huge selection of gyms, studios, classes, training and wellness apps.


Gympass approached us for a strategic partnership to enhance their current strategy and contribute insights for future endeavors. Their objective was to establish themselves as a leading information resource for HR specialists. This required the development of substantial content aimed at ranking for high-difficulty keywords and accruing backlinks.


Our initial analysis revealed that Gympass' website had a strong domain rating but lacked a sufficient number of backlinks. We recognized the potential for a robust SEO strategy by focusing on acquiring quality backlinks, implementing optimizations and technical improvements, and producing outstanding content. 

The Strategy

We opted for a hub and spoke model for content creation, focusing on internal linking to boost page authority. We built out a 3-month plan to produce 28 content pieces monthly, including 2 hubs and 26 spokes, ensuring a minimum of 3-5 spokes per hub. Our content selection was driven by high-volume keywords to maximize audience reach.

Internal linking works to boost authority to target pages by having pages with similar topics point to one page as an authority. A hub and spoke strategy would allow us to create content strategically in groups to maximize internal linking potential and boost key pages faster.

Each piece of content would be written with various organic tactics in mind to be competitive on the SERP, provide helpful content for the user, and maximize the page’s ranking potential.

  • Multiple on-page syntactical optimizations
  • Internal links
  • Schema markup (product + FAQ schema markup


Working in close collaboration with Gympass to align with their objectives and refine our strategy, we've achieved notable success in producing high-quality content. This content ranks prominently in the SERPs for strategically selected competitive keywords. Our accomplishments include the publication of 61 pieces of live content, the attainment of 193 keyword rankings, and the acquisition of 70 organic backlinks.

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