Reclaiming the SERP Throne for 75 Hard while Growing Revenue 23% YoY


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Industry: Security SaaS

About Andy Frisella

Andy Frisella is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, consultant and speaker. He is the CEO of 1st Phorm, a supplement company valued over $175 million, and has founded five other businesses that generate over $200 million in annual revenue.


In 2019, Frisella created the 75 Hard Mental Toughness Challenge - “an ironman for your brain” designed to help people transform mentally over the course of 75 days.

After 75 Hard went viral, sites like Forbes, Today, and Healthline wrote about the program. By the end of 2022, these sites began out-ranking Andy for valuable, high-volume secondary keywords. 75 Hard was a major traffic source for Andy’s site; losing the SERP for 75 Hard keywords hurt Andy’s brand and threatened revenue.

The Strategy

After bringing the issue to Frisella’s team, we began an integrated SEO and content strategy to make Andy’s site the authority on his program. The main page for 75 Hard on Andy’s site isn’t structured like a standard page, so intentional optimization and consideration of how to address the SERP and user needs was vital to our success. We used a hub & spoke approach and internal linking to connect low-ranking KW content back to the main page, and we created new content.


In September 2023 alone, our new content brought in 12,000+ sessions to Andy’s site. The SEO and content strategy has increased YoY traffic to Andy’s site by 37%, and YoY revenue by 23%.

Andy’s site is now ranking in position one for over 200 75 Hard related keywords, including 75 hard (MSV: 185.0K) and 75 hard challenge (MSV: 114.0K).

We expect continued growth as additional content and optimizations go live, and as we use the traffic momentum to connect visitors to Andy’s podcast. Once people engage with Andy, they become lifelong followers and customers – they buy his books, listen to his podcasts, and come to his events. Organic traffic and awareness are key for helping future customers have their first touchpoint with Andy. Our work had a direct, tangible impact on that traffic and awareness, which will only continue to grow in the future.

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