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Industry: Software & IT

"Choosing 97th Floor has been an unwavering decision for me since working with them at Algorithmia. Their consistent commitment to innovation, unparalleled expertise, and a results-driven approach (focusing on leads and bottom line performance) make 97th Floor not just an agency but a strategic partner for SEO and Paid Advertising. Their dedication to exceeding expectations is why I choose to continue this impactful journey with them, time and time again."

Jonah-Kai Hancock
Vice President of Demand Generation

About Hiya

Hiya is the developer of a caller identification application designed to offer a better phone experience to mobile users worldwide. The company's services identify unknown numbers and automatically block scam and spam threats across the globe, enabling users to stay protected and block unwanted calls.


Hiya came to 97th Floor as a startup shortly after they had received series A funding. While Hiya had a stronghold in the consumer market, they needed help developing a lead generation strategy for their new B2B product offering.

The Strategy

97th Floor’s initial audit revealed that existing LinkedIn Ad campaigns were inefficient due to a lack of persona-specific ads and content. Two campaign types - one based on job title and another targeting specific companies- were blended together, prohibiting Hiya from speaking directly to one persona or the other. The generic, broad ads couldn’t cut through the noise to reach end users. We took the following actions:

  1. Restructured campaigns building industry-specific audiences for the following verticals: Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Delivery Services, Real Estate and Retail.
  2. Created new content pieces to match these unique industries. We also refineed the job titles we were targeting, ensuring that each unique persona was receiving content to address their unique pain points.
  3. Leveraged CRM data to understand which company types had the highest conversion rates leading to data-backed, successful ad spend increases.
  4. Used A/B testing to find the best design and ad copy approach.


Within 5 months of re-launching ads, the Hiya and 97th Floor teams recorded the company’s highest-ever B2B Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) volume, highest-ever Sales Accepted Leads (SAL) rate, and lowest-ever Cost Per Conversion.

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