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Case Study

Reputation Management

Reputation management: Path to acquisition


Client A came to us looking for reputation management, as they needed helping cleaning negative results from various search queries. They had one SERP that initially had two negative results to focus on, and one additional URL was added later. One of the negative URLs had been a problem since 2013. Six months before coming to 97th Floor for help the second negative URL appeared. Having these negative search results was especially concerning to Client A because they were looking to go public, and needed to remove the false press about them in order to successfully go public and grow.


Positive URLs were selected that we’d like to build authority and increasing their rankings. That would push the negative results off the first page. We found recent and newsworthy URLs that would be competitive in this space. The 97th Floor team built 15-40 links per month to these identified positive URLs. These links included first, second and third tier links. Promotion of these links was pushed onto social platforms. This strategy helped see a boost in rankings in 1-3 weeks.

One negative article was a timely article. The 97th Floor team decided to target news that was more recent than the negative article in order to convince Google that the negative article was outdated. Tests were run on a new article and an old article from a few years back. Results showed that Google would willingly rank the newer article above the negative one, while the outdated article wouldn’t make it past the second page of Google’s search results. This gave validity to the 97th Floor team’s theory that timeliness and relevant content were important ranking factors.

The other negative URL was an evergreen database of all potentially negative press going back a couple years about the client. As such, Google saw this as a resource page rather than a timely news piece. 97th Floor focused on promoting both new content and evergreen content that could compete. That way when timely content became old, then our optimized evergreen content would rank instead of the negative page.

There were other results from the SERPs that were simply irrelevant for the brand. We found that once those were forced off the first page, the Client A’s site did better with pulling up schema. This is valuable as the more results in schema, the more real estate at the top of Google. These efforts made it possible to lock in the top 3-4 results.

We now will be launching four long form content pieces that are designed to rank for branded keywords. Each content piece will be long form and featured on high authority sites. These content pieces will be updated as needed to ensure that they are always fresh and relevant.


One of the negative results was knocked off fairly quickly and replaced by our positive URL. Our URL has newer, fresher content with a higher link velocity. The second negative result was much more challenging because it was the ongoing database of negative news. It was overly optimized, so we built Client A’s crunchbase account to allow some evergreen content with more content and keywords. 97th Floor also focused more heavily on other evergreen content like social platforms. This along with the extensive link strategy forced the second negative result off the first page after 7 months.

97th Floor’s strategy has both helped clean up the search results and solidify positive results moving forward. Other negative articles have been published since these efforts began, and they have struggled to reach or stay on the first page because of the lasting efforts and proactive strategy.

Additionally, Google images saw benefits from these efforts. The suggested images that came up for branded terms became in line with Client A.

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