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Case Study


AllenComm: Increasing traffic and brand awareness


AllenComm came to 97th Floor looking for assistance in increasing organic traffic to strategic landing pages and to the entire site. A strategy was created by 97th Floor to help AllenComm reach new levels of organic traffic.


The basis for all methodology set in place was in-depth research. Keyword research was performed to identify monthly search volume and suggested bid to determine the expected conversion potential of the keyword, and the difficulty of ranking for the keyword. Once the keywords were defined and grouped, The 97th Floor team analyzed each SERP and determined whether the SERP was informational or commercial in nature. Recommendations based on research were then given for a corresponding landing page. That landing page was optimized for SEO and user experience so it was ready to be built up for that specific SERP.

In addition to the optimization, high quality guest posting was a method used to build links. The team at 97th Floor integrated themselves into AllenComm’s industry to ensure they could produce accurate articles that contributed to AllenComm’s community. Partnerships were built out with industry experts to make sure links built were authoritative as well as natural. An average of two new partnerships have been built each month.


These efforts brought exceptional results, helping AllenComm to gain higher levels of organic traffic. 97th Floor was able to exceed previous traffic level norms, helping AllenComm reach the highest levels of traffic their site has ever seen.

Landing page A was one that was identified in the research as one that would convert well. An organic traffic baseline for this page was documented in February 2016. The 97th Floor team started focusing efforts on that page in March. In April 2016 this page was analyzed again, and that landing page saw a 101% increase in organic traffic. This 101% increase came after one of their main keywords moved up to spot #2 for the page. Similarly, a second landing page was analyzed and optimized. After 97th Floor worked on the page for 8 months, this page saw a 10,672% increase in organic traffic.

Overall to AllenComm’s whole site, they have seen a 163% increase in organic traffic since we began working with them. Because of that increase in organic traffic, AllenComm saw a 76% increase in leads. This helped Allen Comm exceed their lead target goal.

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