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Video Production

Script-to-screen video production

Video that captures and captivates an audience is good. Video that converts is better. Communicating a clear message is our top priority.

We’re here to help guide you through those difficult marketing and messaging decisions. We’ll team up with our digital marketers to develop the strategy and the messaging your video needs to succeed, and then we’ll plan, produce, and get the polished product back in your hands—all from our agile in-house team. Be involved in the process as little or as much as you want!



This is the first (and most important) step in the video production process, because without it, everything will fall apart. So we take a good amount of time to get it right. We’ll research your goals, audience, and market to develop your concept and direction of the project, as well as script, storyboard, scout locations, schedule, and cast your next big (or little) video project.


Our background in analytical decision making lets us take a unique approach to video marketing. With our ear to the (digital) ground, we’ve learned what the masses are looking for, and that’s what we deliver on.

Concepting, scripting, and storyboarding

From our research we’re able to extract a story that will not only resonate well with your audience, but motivate and drive change. With you as our guide, our writers and artists will pen a script and story that carries the perfect message to reach your marketing goals.


This is the part most people think of when we talk about video production. It’s when we get out and capture the content we’ll use in your video. Our agile team of cinematographers, directors, designers, and producers will lead the charge to make sure we get the shots, sound, and content we need to tell your story.

Post production

Story, style, and sound. That’s what post production is about. Through editing, sound design, grading and color correction we’ll stitch together and deliver an effective final product.


Editing is an artform. The pace, rhythm and structure of an edit tell a story as much as the actors, locations and camera movements; so we take the time to get it right.

Sound design

Your audience is pretty forgiving of poor quality picture, but as soon as they hear bad audio, they won’t stick around to hear what you have to say. We make sure the audio is recorded clean in production, but we take it a step further in post by leveling and mixing sound, adding music, and giving your voiceovers that radio quality sound.

Motion graphics

Sometimes acting or a simple camera movement doesn’t tell the full story. In cases like these, our talented designers and motion graphics artists will create elements that clarify and support your message that otherwise wouldn’t have the same impact.

Looking for more than a few seconds of animation? Head over to our motion graphics page to learn more.

Color correction and grading

You hire us for our knowledge, expertise, and style. This is where the style comes together. We’ll pull everything together and make it one cohesive project, then style it to stand out and give off that polished cinematic look.

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