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Email Marketing

Email marketing made simple

Even with all of the recent advances in communication technology, email marketing is never outdated. In fact, when backed by data, targeted execution, and testing, email is more than effective; it’s a powerhouse channel, one where we thrive by producing the results that matter most to our clients. We’ll work with your platform of choice to help improve your email marketing strategy.


Email capturing

The first step to any successful email marketing campaign is capturing your market’s contact information. At 97th Floor, we help with both gathering emails for email marketing and distributing content to a list. We can help to create, refine, and implement capture forms designed to do just that.

Email validation and segmentation

As your email list grows, duplicate and incorrect information gets more and more expensive. Additionally, sending the wrong emails to the wrong people can also drain expenses. We’ll help to clean up your email list, and then segment your audience to ensure each person gets the right message every time.

Campaign and content creation

Don’t know what to say or how to say it? Our team of writers, designers, and developers can build beautifully-engaging pieces of content you can share with your subscribers, to make them glad they’re on your list. We’ll help to improve and optimize exiciting campaigns to generate higher clicks through to the site.

Campaign testing

Of course, even the most eye-catching piece of content is worthless if it doesn’t drive results. We can help test email campaigns to ensure customers are only getting the information they want. Plus, our marketing team will help to A/B test each and every campaign, to ensure people not only love what they’re receiving, but also act on your calls to action.

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