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Reach your intended audience, with valuable top-quality content.

Your customers don’t want to be advertised to; they want to be informed. Help your customers help themselves, by providing informational, engaging, and entertaining content that gives them a reason to keep on clicking.

We produce effective and high quality content, hyper targeted towards the interests of your preferred audience. And unlike with traditional web-content services, 97th Floor’s content creators are retained in-house, which means more personal ownership over the content they create, and better, more-involved content in every instance.

Our writing team

The 97th Floor writing team has experience writing content both for B2C and B2B clients—targeting the buyer personas that are most important to your business—and is capable of communicating effectively with laypersons and industry experts, alike. 97th Floor writers are likewise adept at technical and business research, providing a persuasive, factual foundation to promote brand authority.


Copy/substantive editing


Social media posts

Press releases

Infographics descriptions

Ghost writing



Site copy

Landing pages

Slideshare content

Meta descriptions

Video scripts

Advertising slogans

SEO content optimization

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