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WordPress features that help get traffic

June 20, 2006


If you currently use WordPress for your blogging software then you need to read this post.  There are many services and extentions that can make your blogging life easier.  Also, these services can potentially help you get more traffic to your blog.  I want to talk about a couple of them.

The first thing, A way to automatically ping, and update blogging directory sites that you have made a new post.  This ensures they have the latest information and post and at very least gives you the advantage of anyone blogging that does not use this feature.  Here is a list of the sites you will need to add to the admin area of your WordPress blog.  (Before I give the list lets talk about where it goes.)  Click on the options link, and then click on the writting link and you will see the place to add all these blog directories:

The second thing,  Social bookmarking plug-ins (ie: digg, and reddit for example)  These type of plug-ins will allow others to share articles from your blog with members of the communities they are a part of.  You can find plug on on various places either on the WordPress site itself or here and just do a search for “social bookmarking”  If you want to see what the plug in looks like, then click on this post up in the title, and go to the main place this post resides, and towards the bottom you will see all the “add to” links, and have a better understanding of the social bookmarking plug-ins.

Again, these can be great resources for traffic, and really double what you get from search engines if done correctly.  You must have information worth reading as well before others will share.  So don’t just write crap!  Make it worth-while to your readers.

Written by admin on June 20, 2006

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