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WordPress 2.1 released

January 23, 2007


Just wanted to let everybody know about the latest release of WordPress 2.1

Here are some pretty cool features of the latest release:

  • Static Home Page – You can select which post or page will be your homepage.
  • Privacy features – you can let the search engines know about your blog, or block them, but let readers in.
  • Tabs on the editing (for example you don’t have to wait for the annoying pop up html editor)
  • Resizing Issues – Don’t have to deal with your browser not resizing the pop up box (and all the hassle that brings).
  • New Admin Interface – the new interface presents itself a little more like user interface.
  • New Import Options – Supports older platforms (makes it easy to convert older wordpress versions to new versions).
  • New Side Panel – Less cluttered in my opinion.
  • Spell Check – Everybody knows I NEED THIS ONE!
  • Editing features – when uploading images/files is much easier. I know a lot of people that struggled with this (uploading images) on the old version, so this new version should help a ton!
  • Latest Security Features

Anyone else found anything I missed? I love the WordPress software, and my hats off to those guys for creating such a sick program!

Written by admin on January 23, 2007

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