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Winning a PPC Bid War

April 6, 2006


When using a pay per click program such as Yahoo Search Marketing or Google Adwords its important to do your research before ever bidding for words. This simple mistake could cost you, and your business thousands. Let me give you some steps to research and eventually win a bid war with your competition.

Research the competition:

  • What is the competition doing?
  • What keywords are the clearly going after?
  • What is the cost they are paying for the bigger phrases?
  • Are they paying for smaller more targeted words?
  • What do you like about thier site and what do you dis-like?
  • Find everything they do the best.
  • Find every little hole and mistake.

Make sure you are finding every single keyword or phrase that your clients could find you with. Your competition is probably only going after a few of the “big keywords” Often when you find the more targeted phrase, then the general phrase your conversion rate will be much higher. Let the competitors pay for the big, non targeted words and waste thier money. You find the better words to go after! Do not let someone else (your competition) chose your words for you.

Some good tools to help you find better keywords:

Good tool to find out what the competition is paying for thier words:

Reminder: You do not have to go after the same high cost, un-targeted words your competition is going after. Figure out the words they are going after and find lower cost alternatives that will end up bringing better conversion in the long run.

Written by admin on April 6, 2006

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