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Will the new MSN AdCenter really help me?

May 9, 2006


Many may or may not have known but now that MSN does not use Yahoo! (formerly Overture) for its PPC results there is probably a good chance of getting some decent keywords for a pretty good price with the new MSN AdCenter.

Heres the question though: Will it do anything for me? In the search engine world MSN is #3 in terms of traffic served up. Google who owns 62% of search traffic is #1, and Yahoo! comes in at #2 just in front of MSN.

When you are talking of “billions” of searches on a daily basis though that is still a lot of traffic. I think its a good opportunity for the marketing budget challenged! You will find that some big keywords that were normally unaffordable are now in reach. Will it last long? (cheap PPC costs) Probably Not, but it could give your business the push it needs to take your marketing to the next level.

Don’t expect the kind of traffic you would normally get from Google AdWords for a keyword or phrase, but try to find more keywords to go after since they are affordable. You can make up the traffic in volume. Find good targeted keywords that are “converting words” and I think the MSN AdCenter will be beneficial for you in all of your search engine marketing efforts. That is the key, understanding that just doing one thing is not an end all solution. You have to have a SEM plan that includes many strategies, and the MSN AdCenter is just one!

Written by admin on May 9, 2006

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