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“Why should a legitimate business need to worry about SEO?”

December 10, 2006


A great question and offer by Aaron Wall from SEO Book in regards to the upcoming Elite Retreat with 4 of the biggest internet marketing/SEO Expert/Bloggers (guru’s) period!  The question is a great question and deserves a follow up post later on, but for now I just want to make sure that everyone knows about this great opportunity.  Aaron Wall posts on his blog that they are offering a free pass to the Elite Retreat for the best answer to the question:  “Why should a legitimate business need to worry about SEO?”  I went ahead and entered the contest but probably won’t even be in the top running for the free pass, but I really felt I needed to add my story, and share my two cents why I think a legitimate business needs to worry about SEO.

To me I can turn it into more of a statement – “You are not a legitimate business if you are not worried about SEO.”  You will get left behind online if you do not start implementing and SEO, SEM, and SMM campaign.  I have no fear in saying this because I know its true and every other internet marketing guru out there will agree with me.  There are those out there that discredit SEO’s and their work and call them bull$&it, but I say those guys will be the ones left behind in the not so distant future.

My thanks to the guys at Elite Retreat for giving us the opportunity to win/or just go to the retreat and learn from some of the top 4 best in the nation.  And to those people that leave negitive comments on their blogs about 5k being alot for a couple days with them – I would pay that in a heartbeat compared to what I payed for my so called education at college.  I guess those are the guys that do not want to succeed and those are the ones that should have been paying attention to the offer – cause they are the ones that need it the most!

Ok – I will get off my soap box….(by the way…I still freaking love this new MACBook I just bought!)

Written by admin on December 10, 2006

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