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What kind of an example are you?

January 20, 2007


Ok, I hope you will find this one as funny as I have. I have a 4 year old, and I learned just how much of a sponge the little guy is. I am always talking about “making money”, “saving money”, “investing“, “become and entrepreneur”. I really didn’t think the little guy was getting it until we took a trip down to visit grandma and grandpa, uncle and aunt and all the other cousins.

Here is a picture of the wallet he conned my sister into buying for him (then I will continue the story) Seeing the picture will explain the rest of the story –

DO YOU SEE THAT WAD-O-CASH? Sure its only $1’s, but the kid is 4, and that kind of money is big time!

So how did he get that money? The whole trip he was telling grandpa that he would give him a hug for a dollar. Or when Grandpa asked for a picture with him he said, “yea for a dollar” We laughed so hard and could hardly stop! Everyone was getting hit up for a dollar. For a picture, for a hug, for a kiss … you name it … he was charging a buck!

I didn’t realize how good the little guy did until today when I found his wallet (he lost-another story) when I was cleaning up the Tahoe. I looked in it (since it had not been touched since our trip) and I saw what you are seeing here. A huge wad of cash! There is about 15 bucks in there. The little guy impressed me big time!

So the lesson here? No real lesson I guess, except remembering kids are never to young to learn about becoming little entrepreneurs – even if they are only 4 years old!

Written by admin on January 20, 2007

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