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What is your sites ILQ Rating?

August 13, 2006


The question is this: “What is your websites ILQ Rating?”  You may be asking what is ILQ?  What is ILQ Rating?  ILQ stands for Inbound Link Quality, and the rating is just what you may think it is.  Think of how the Google Page Rank works in rating a webpage, the ILQ Rating is the rating of the amount of quality sites we have linking to our site.

What are a few examples of (Inbound Link Quality) these kind of links/sites?  DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory are just a couple on my list.

Where do I find the tool that gives me my ILQ Rating?  You can find an easy to use tool here from SEO Company:  This tool could be an important market research tool in finding out the kind of sites you are going up against and what thier ILQ is.  You can also research the kind of sites they are linking to and get a good list of potential sites that you could then link with.

What makes a site worthy of being an “ILQ Site”?  Several factors, but the main ones being, age of site, how long they have owned the domain name, PR and do they give you a link no matter what, or do you have to go through some sort of screening?  For example Yahoo! Directory makes you pay 299$ just for “consideration” and it does not mean you will be for sure accepted in.  Most people don’t want to throw away 299$ for a directory submission, but they have no clue that one link in Yahoo! Directory could be worth 100 links of a “regular-non-ILQ directory”.

Here is my top 10 ILQ Directories:

  2. Yahoo! Directory
  3. Microsoft Directory

Most of these cost to get in, but are well worth it and could put you leaps above the competition just getting into these 10 if you are going up against people that are not aware of directories or the quality ones for that matter..

Check out your sites ILQ Rating, and make a plan as to how you will start to get better ILQ.  It’s not as hard as you might think!

Written by admin on August 13, 2006

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