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What is a Tag Cloud?

July 26, 2006


With the strong force of “social networks” and “communities” taking over the web its important to learn some of the lingo, as well as implement the technology into your website to please the web 2.0 generation.

Tag clouds make searching for whats popular and “hot” so much easier then traditional search engine listings.  For Example:

A tag cloud, known as a weighted list in the field of visual design is a visual depiction of content tags used on a site. Often, more frequently used tags are depicted in a larger font. or in some other way over-emphasized, while the displayed order is mostly alphabetical.  Finding a tag by alphabet and by popularity is possible, making what you are looking for much easier. Selecting a single tag within a tag cloud will generally lead to a collection of items that are associated with that tag.

The first (well known) tag cloud first showed up on the very popular site photo sharing site called Flickr.  Other sites more recently that have popularised by tag clouds include Technorati and even media sites such as PRWeb.

Any search engine marketer that really wants to take advantage of this “tag cloud” technology can do so with little skill or effort.  A great site where you can make your own tag cloud can be found at

Another great example of how tag clouds work can be found at a site I have been developing and putting together for the last little while:  Truth About SEO … Just another great example of how people that use these communities can benefit from the most popular tags and find more relevant information.

Written by admin on July 26, 2006

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