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What happened to the Live Page Rank?

March 27, 2006


Everyone in the SEO world knows (or if you don’t your not an SEO) Google is going through its Big Daddy update, but something that involves the update happened that I think SEO people did not see coming! A little tool we all found out about called Live-PR (Page Rank) was killed by Google!  Some clever SEO toolbuilding people created a tool that shows you your live-pr (page rank) as oppose to the toolbar pr.  (We will talk about the difference in a sec) The tool that was very useful to SEO and Marketers alike is no longer working.  What happened?  Well here is my thoughts:  This tool was giving out information that Google was not wanting to get out there, for example:  Lets say you have  a site you have been working hard on SEO and you have no Page Rank, but its been several months of working on it.  You can use this tool to see if you have any kind of PR at all.  So you can have a toolbar PR of 0 but a LIVE PR of 4.  Also if you have been working hard on building up links and trying to improve your PR it was useful to see what you could be the next time Google does a Page Rank update.

Why is this information useful?  If you are and SEO it lets you know the work you are putting into certain sites is not in vain.  if you are a client you also figure that same thing out..  (Especially if you are paying money to have this done–this helps keeps em honest)  Why does Google want to hide this?  Well its not clear if they want to hide this but it has been disable for the time being.. MC has Blogged about this and we are looking forward to his answers!  Interesting topics to say the least!  It will be neat to see what unfolds.

Written by admin on March 27, 2006

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