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Web designers-vs-SEO’s

November 2, 2006


The age old battle between the web designer (with his beautiful looking website) and the SEO with keyword rich content that will “uglify” the design. If you are caught between the two as a small internet business owner let me give you some ideas how to make it a win win situation for all.

First of all – designers are not search engine marketers (no matter how much they think they are) They are designers. They can do amazing things with a website that most SEO’s could not dream of. So stick to what you are good at. I won’t tell you to use CSS or AJAX, and you dont tell me how to optimize a site. I know that I can’t design worth crap so I will trust in my designers. My designer and I have an agreement – I am paying him to do what I say. Its my website and I am paying him…its that simple.

I don’t understand when I talk to clients, and they tell me they could not get done what I wanted them to because their designer said they wouldn’t do it. Excuse me? Who is paying you?

Trust me … there is a way to create a beautiful site design, and integrate content/keyword rich text without messing up the “ZEN” of the site.

Here is a couple examples of what can be done:

  • – See how all of the content is below the normal “break” of the page, and there above the break is the beautiful design, featuring products up top with amazing imagry. Perfect execution.
  • – Again, really good imagry up top, and amazing content below the break.

These are a few of the great sites out there that understand the happy place between designer and SEO. As long as there is an understanding amazing things can happen with your internet business, just don’t get bullied into thinking that a designer knows all when it comes to search engine optimization.

Written by admin on November 2, 2006

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