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Viral Marketing Idea Friday – Soccer Training (Video Tutorials) Industry

February 15, 2008


Sorry its a bit late, but viral marketing idea Friday is here! This is a pretty funny one this week, that I think someone who is creative enough of a marketer can take industry hundreds of different ways. I want to share what I feel is the funniest!

I have a neighbor who is a web developer as well as a Soccer coach (young kids) and he has been a big fan of the VMIF’s so far, and asked if I could give him some viral ideas for a soccer training (video tutorials) website he is working on. I thought this would make a perfect discussion for todays post.

First of all check this video out (if you are a man – I am sorry this is gonna be painful to watch)

I think most of you probably are getting the idea of where you can go with this one. What most people fail to realize is that the viral campaign does not have to match 100% to the exact products you are selling. In this case its soccer related and thats it. We have a video of a soccer player getting nailed in the jewels, and as painful as it is – we like to watch it. What other reason can you explain the TV producers showing so much of us guys getting nailed down there on Americas funniest home videos every Sunday night?

This kind of stuff is funny, and you can have fun with the titles of this viral campaign for sure. Some that come to my mind are – “The 10 Most Painful Ways To Ensure You Will Never Have Kids” or “10 Of The Most Painful Soccer Videos You Have Ever Watched” and then show 10 videos you found (or may have) of people getting nailed down there while playing soccer.

Again, I realize that there may be a lot of people reading this post who could have figured this industry out without much help, but we need to remember that not everyone thinks like us Internet marketers. Once I talked to my neighbor about this strategy he starting thinking about things in a whole new light. All it takes is a few good ideas to really have fun with viral marketing.

Written by admin on February 15, 2008

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