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Viral Marketing Idea Friday – Pottery Business

February 22, 2008


I have to admit – todays post about viral marketing for a Pottery business is the first one I got asked in a long time that has actually made me think. I enjoyed it, and had fun and hope to share some good ideas with Josh Garner (the one who asked the question) last week.

The thing with a boring industry like Pottery (at least for those of us not into it) is you have to figure out a way to make it fun, and fun for everyone. Even if you try to bring in the edge like “10 Beautiful Pieces of Potter” or “10 Pieces Of Pottery You Won’t Believe” I still don’t think that is going to be enough to engage the likes of those who make posts go popular on Digg. Cool looking pottery to a pottery buff may be enough, but you have to understand the type of people you are bringing this industry to – are most likely not “pottery buffs”!

So here is the problem – Finding something that relates to the pottery industry that would make people (in the social type communities) laugh and want to share with everyone they know (in their communities), even if they don’t even know what a pottery kiln is.

Here are some of my ideas, and I think these ones are probably the best out of everything I though of, so thats all I will share. First of all look at this video:

It is always fun, and funny to watch people doing stupid things right? Now I am not saying this girl spinning on a pottery spinner is funny enough to make it, but I hope it gets you thinking where I am going with this. I would spend as much time as it took to find 10 videos of people doing stupid, or funny things with potter spinners. I would then title the post “10 Things You Should Not Do With A Pottery Spinner” or “10 Of The Stupidest Ways People Have Ever Used A Pottery Spinner” I could even take this angle (if I did not find enough videos, but found at least one that was funny enough) “In This Corner – One Stupid Person, In The Other Corner – A Pottery Spinner – Find Out Who Wins”

Any of those (link baited) titles would make me want to investigate more and check out the post and watch the video. It just sounds to funny to pass up, and that is what you are trying to accomplish. Of course, you have to have some really good link bait with an industry like “pottery”, but I think I did a decent job of sharing some examples of what I feel would do very well!

I had some other ideas that were pretty funny with pottery and they involved smashing pottery, dropping pottery, pottery accidents, strange uses of pottery (may not be safe for work – LOL) etc. All of which I found some pretty funny footage online thanks to You Tube and Google Video. I know if this were an industry I was marketing for, and if I took the time to research it out, I could come up with some pretty funny videos and a post that I am sure would do well for the site.

Written by admin on February 22, 2008

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