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Viral Marketing Idea Friday – Playground Equipment – Swingsets

February 29, 2008


I got asked this one from a local playground equipment company here in Arizona (that specializes in vinyl playgrounds) way before we even started viral marketing idea Friday here at 97th Floor. I shared my thoughts with the owner, and gave some pretty good ideas (I don’t know if they ever ran with), but I felt it was worth sharing because these guys were local, and I feel there is plenty of love to go around in this industry!

The exact question was – “How do I create a viral campaign for local playground company?”

First of all I was impressed that a local playground company was even doing enough research to figure out they needed to create something to go viral with! I love these style of playground systems (see picture) for the kids, and the one I have is amazing, but how do you attract someone to a viral content post (or page) about a kids playground if they have no kids, are in college, or anything related? As I have said before, you have to make it funny, or super informative (which in turn makes it more sharable no matter who the person reading it is).

Going viral – I don’t know how many of you have seen the TV show called “Mythbusters“, but its on Discovery Channel, and they did a show a while ago that was dedicated to seeing if you can really swing someone in a swing for a full 360 that wraps around. It was pretty funny to see all of the different attempts and how many ways they failed – and what they had to do to succeed. It got me thinking to see if there were other people, and by “other people” I mean users of You Tube, who were crazy enough to take videos of themselves doing this very thing. To say the least I found some pretty funny stuff.

This is just one example of some pretty cool footage I found. Some were silly, some stupid, a few were amazing, but the point here is all of them made me laugh, and I feel could make anyone laugh. In my opinion, anyway you use these videos they could help you go viral with the right title and content (and of course – a dash of link bait).

I would suggest coming up with a title that can grab anyone no matter who you are, like – “10 of the Craziest Things You Have Ever Seen Done On A Swingset” or “10 Things That Should Never Be Done On A Swingset” or (my favorite title) “Can You Really Do A 360 In A Swing Set?” [Video Included]. These are more of the funny ways to take this viral campaign, but you could also take a serious approach (if this is your real business) and provide something like – “12 Safety Tips Every Parent Should Read Before Buying A Swingset” or “10 Safety Videos Parents Need To Watch Before Purchasing A Playground” and then provide a series of tips, or videos outlining safe playgrounds for dangerous ones. You can always make a note on your site somewhere that your playgrounds always comply to all safety regulations, and anything else that could help you look like you are providing a service to the community with this info.

These are just a few ways that I feel would go viral, and do great with a playground/swing set company. I think this will give you some ideas to run with if you are looking inside this industry for help.

Written by admin on February 29, 2008

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