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Viral Marketing Idea Friday – Financial Planning Company

February 8, 2008


Thanks to Paul for submitting this last Friday in the form of a comment. This one I have so many ways to run with, that I actually had a hard time narrowing it down. I think I will give more examples of what a Financial Planning or personal finance Company/Industry can do with viral marketing in later posts as well, because there are just so many. For now, I will stick with one of (what I feel) is the funniest stories I have ever heard that can be twisted to fit a Financial Planning or money management Industry and Viral Marketing.

Here is a couple of pictures that were sent to me by Plastic Rewards (another company fishing for viral marketing ideas), a cash back credit card comparison website. Whether its true, or not, it makes me laugh and I know would make a ton of other people laugh. Being in the tech industry, and knowing a lot of computer techs, I have actually had a few of them tell me this stuff really did happen, and that they had to fish the credit cards out of the old “A” drives! (see pictures)

credit cards

credit cards

credit card

Like I said, I don’t know how true this is, and if people are really stupid enough to put credit cards in the “A” drive when on a website and asked for a credit card, but this is pretty funny if it is!

Since you can relate credit cards to finances, you can use this for a viral marketing campaign with a funny twist. Here would be my ideas of some of the funniest headlines for these pictures. “Ten Places You Should Never Stick Your Credit Card” (yes you could have fun with that one, and I did a simple Google search and found some pretty interesting stuff) or “The Way Stupid People Use Credit Cards [SEE PIC]” or “Please Insert Credit Card – No Wait, Not There!”

You see I could go on and on with the headlines of pictures that give me so much fuel like these ones do. I have several other funny financial related stories, and even more sent to me by Plastic Rewards (thank you – by the way) including pictures that I will use for other VMIF days.

I think you see how these could go pretty viral, and be some of the funniest stories you read for the day. It just takes a little imagination and how you can twist your industry into a viral campaign. Please, continue to send your industry requests in!

Written by admin on February 8, 2008

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