By: Chris Bennett

V7 boasting ethical paid links

January 18, 2007


Via Marketing Pilgrim I saw that V7 is now selling paid contextual ads. What they are boasting as being different from others in the paid links arena is that their sites are 100% hidden from the grasp of Matt, but more importantly in my book is that they are all contextual in content links.

Anyone going after links knows that links surrounded by some sweet text on a page barely linking out to others with a lot of backlinks coming is gold and that is what the V7 network is claiming to have gathered.

You can read the full V7 paid links post at MP, what I thought was interesting was the use of the word ethics in stating that their group of sites and method of selling is ethical. There has been a lot of talk latley on the paid link subject and ethics and all that. Here is my problem with bringing ethics into it, if your talking about Google not liking it that is not ethics they are not God. They are a for profit company trying to put more money in their share holders pockets. People buying and selling links are doing the same thing making some side money. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t running the risk of hurting your sites cred in the engines with the purchase, you may be, but that is a business choice you need to make not an ethical one.

I just don’t know why seo is always getting pushed into the ethics mix, sure if you are telling your client you are going to do all white hat and then you buy a million sitewides and cloak their site then you have an ethical issue but not in the seo scope of things in your business practices. SEO is not unethical you are creating a page for profit on a for profit search engine, you don’t play by their rules you may get banned but you aren’t going to hell. Unless of course you spamming porn when my twins type in the wiggles, or TMNT.

Sorry about the soap box. A couple rad things about the V7 ad network,

One Time Fee of $20 per link (hey that is better than DP)

No ROS that is cool.

They say there is a hard pre screening process

More Inventory (I believe they are launching with a huge inventory, probably larger than TLB but not TLA)

One Time Fee that is freaking sweet!!

**My personal favorite and what I am most curious about is placed within content. These guys know how to rank sites so I am assuming this will be done very well.

Im excited I think it was perfect timing and there is a definate place for it.

Edit****Earlier today when I made the post I wasn’t specific enough in what I was adressing, I was in no way implying Jordan was assuming those things concerning ethics and God, I was talking generally (more of a rant really) because of all the talk seo and buying links has gotten latley. Thanks Jordan for your comments.

Written by Chris Bennett on January 18, 2007

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