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Two much needed changes at Yahoo! Search Marketing

June 19, 2006


For anyone that uses Yahoo! Search Marketing/Local/sponsored etc … some changes have been made that are worth mentioning, and handing a “shout out” to Yahoo! for making them.  In all Pay Per Click programs you have money that needs to be paid upfront (obviously) or money that needs to be paid to get someone to set up your account and do the research for you; ie: titles, descriptions, headlines, keywords, research and analysis etc….  I use to think Yahoo! charged to much for their fees and minimum spend on a monthly basis.  Thus, the changes:

Right from Yahoo! Search Marketing here is the most notable changes in thier words:

We would also like to remind you of two changes that Yahoo! Search Marketing launched several months ago. First, we lowered our minimum deposit for new advertisers to $5, all of which continues to be applied to click charges. Additionally, the monthly minimum spending requirement for Yahoo! Sponsored Search accounts was eliminated. Previously, all Sponsored Search advertisers were required to spend at least $20 a month in click charges.

What this means to the small business owner?  Lets say you are experimenting and you want to hold off on the Yahoo! Ads for a month or so….well now, you do not have to keep paying the annoying minimum monthly fee.  Also if you are doing something like the Fast Track sign up from Yahoo! Search Marketing it makes it easier to pay them to do it when it does not cost as much initially!

Written by admin on June 19, 2006

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