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Traffic, but not from search engines

May 30, 2006


When starting with search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) its easy to get lost and confused.  Most often think that all the traffic they will be getting is from places like Google, MSN and Yahoo!.  This is not the case anymore.  If you are not taking advantage of other means to be getting traffic then you are missing out on most of the market.

When talking about “SEARCH” yes,  Google does own 62% of the market.  (Second to Yahoo! and then MSN), but that is just search traffic, and does not include traffic you can get from other means you can get. 

A few ideas:

Blog Search Engines and Blog Directories 

The trend more and more lately that I have been seeing is people going directly to blogs for thier information.  (Even before they go to for thier news)  If you have a blog and have not submitted it the right places then you are missing out.  Here is a few places I would suggest submitting to:

Write Articles:

Articles go hand in hand with Blogs, because this is mainly what people are reading in the blogs — Articles.  Just think about things related to your industry and start writing articles about them.  For example, a great article about a site selling Grills would be something talking about tail-gating parties (especially with the upcoming football season)  You may need to be creative, but even if you are doing reviews on your products its better then nothing.  (not to mention it could help you learn more about the product you are selling)  Here is a reminder of the places that I would recommend submitting articles to:

Submit to “Traffic Directories”, and  “Niche Directories”

One other place I would like to touch on with this topic is directories, but not in the sense of using them for anchor text and search engine optimization, but for actual traffic.  Certain directories get good traffic to your website just by being on them, like and would be beneficial for you to submit with.  Other niche directories like get good traffic just because of the niche.  Usually when the directory is more niche you will get better traffic from it, and it will not be included in “SEO Friendly” directory lists that are out there.  Its important to understand that even the “biggest” directories you may be more familiar with like DMOZ still will not get you much traffic.  I get maybe 10-15 visits a month from DMOZ, and about 200-300 visits a week from USCITY.NET alone!

The bottom line here is to be open minded, and understand that the search engines (although great source of traffic) is not the end all solution to your internet business marketing.  Always be creative in finding alternative sources of traffic, and your business will do better because of it!

Written by admin on May 30, 2006

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