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Top 10 reasons to not forget about the Press Release

January 9, 2007


I was having a chat with a person today that was trying to convince me that Press Releases were old news and could not help a bit with search engine optimization, traffic or branding.  I beg to differ and here is my top 10 reasons why.

  1. Get a top ranking on Google with a high page rank press release – The good news for most Internet business owners is that most sites out on the web do not take advantage of press releases.  If you can take advantage of a press release you will get more traffic and have much better content then the competition and the search engines will reward you with rankings for doing so.
  2. Majority people get their news online nowadays.  Online search engines get more visitors then even the major news stations such as CNN and FOX NEWS.  You can even do double duty on Goolge and score a ranking on Google News as well with your press release.
  3. Reach very targeted and motivated readers only – People use the search engines for information.  The press release provides targeted traffic to your website.  Even more targeted then Pay Per Click in most cases.
  4. Get stats on your optimized press release – Everybody wants to know what kind of traffic they will get because of writing a press release.  Most press release sites have good statistic software to tell you how many clicks you are getting from the release.  Also most web hosting companies come with good traffic statistics.  If yours does not you can go find some free tracking software that will tell you where your clicks are coming from.
  5. Increase valuable inbound links to your website with anchored text -  Your story gets picked up in other industry news websites and reaches audiences you had no access to before. Each time your online release is published on another website it creates a link back to your site (that anchored link, if it’s a major keyword phrase will help you be found higher on the search engines because of it.)
  6. Get multiple listings in the search engines because of a press release – An optimized press release will get you natural search engine traffic on its own, but a benefit that most people don’t realize it’s the link building (anchored text and inbound links) the press release is doing for your website.  So you will get better rankings naturally on your normal website pages, as well as be found more because of the press release itself.
  7. Get a #1 rank faster and easier then ever – Everybody knows how hard getting a #1 ranking on any search engine can be for major keywords and phrases, well this is where the press release comes into play.  A thought out press release can get you a #1 ranking on Google almost overnight.  Think about it, you do not have to wait for pages to get indexed on Google cause you are using GOOGLE’S news service.  (It’s already popular and gets good traffic.)
  8. Writing 3 press releases a month can out do the competition  – Most of the competition out there does not even know about this little trick with press releases.  If you are submitting multiple press releases then you are building more links and making your site look like its ever increasing in content (which more and more lately is going to be the only thing that saves you on Google with trying to get any kind of rankings.
  9. How do I get more traffic? – With the Social Media Marketing frenzy going on there is a possibility of getting some pretty good back links if the press is worthy of being shared with the social community of users.
  10. Get a better image on your website – Imagine if you have a business related product and it was featured in the wall street journal.  You can now include that little tid-bit of information on your website.  If I go to a website and read about a product the wall street journal is endorsing, I am going to check it out and probably buy.

Bottom line an optimized press release will get you more targeted traffic, more sales and better search engine rankings.  When we talk about optimized its important to know what your sites major keywords are so you know what you are going to be writing about.  It may seem simple, but you can even hit some keywords that you normally may think are to hard to get rankings for, cause remember—most people are not taking advantage of this and you will shoot higher into the rankings.

Getting someone else to promote your product is ALWAYS better then you saying how good it is.  Think about when you are looking in a magazine or seeing something on TV or reading about it in a news article.  You will be more apt to believe in that product more then if an annoying sales guy was at your door talking about it.  It builds credibility.


Before we talk about what makes a release newsworthy, lets talk about what does not make a press release newsworthy.  ADVERTISMENTS … Don’t make your press release sound like one big ad for your company.  Find a newsworthy topic related to a product you have on your website.  If you need a quick example, lets just say you have a website that is selling baby furniture.  What angle could you pick for a newsworthy topic about baby furniture?  You can do a little research and write and article about how to keep kids safe with TV’s and not pulling them down on themselves.  Go out and find similar press releases by searching for them and see what they have written about.  You will soon get the idea of what makes a release newsworthy.

  • PRESS RELEASE FORMAT (and useful sites) (very useful for writing a press release)


Stick to the 5 W’s: Who, What, Why, When, and Where.
What is the unique selling position of the press release?
How is the reader going to benefit from this release?
Hit them emotionally, so it will call them to action.
Give all important information, as well as a couple forms of contact.


A press release is written in short sentences with almost no descriptive words at all. It is not an essay or a story. It is a news article. Read your local newspaper and see how a news article is written. It is short and to the point Use simple words. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short.  Start with some attention grabbing fact related to the subject of your press release. Back it up with research or statistics from a credible source.

  • Bottom Line:

Use press release to help you with your search engine optimization for these three reasons:

  1. Anchored text (helps you look more popular for certain keywords on the search engines)
  2. Inbound links (you need to always be building them up)
  3. Content (more and more you will find sites with good content the ones with better rankings)
  4. Possibility of Social Media Community users bookmarking, or sharing with social network sites.

Written by admin on January 9, 2007

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