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Top 10 Kickass things about Technorati

December 15, 2006


I have really been digging on Technorati lately for all the blog promotion tools they offer, and obvious added traffic to all my blogs, and (of course) rankings that are showing up because of my using this powerful blog promotion website. But I have narrowed down my top list list of “kick a” things that Technorati offers:

  1. Technorati Browser Buttons (makes it easy to save any blog you like)
  2. Buttons to show off who links to your site
  3. Blog Search Box
  4. Claim all your blogs on one account
  5. 20 tags per blog claimed
  6. Social Media Marketing Tools/Buttons/Blog Promotion widgets developed by community of Technorati users
  7. Automatic Pinging
  8. Technorati Favorites Plugin (pull all your favorites into your blogroll)
  9. Technorati generated tag cloud on site
  10. Technorati blog info (find out any info on any blog easily)

Yes, you get all this and more when you are a part of the Technorati community.

Written by admin on December 15, 2006

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