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Tired of Blog Spam?

May 15, 2006


How can you get around (and avoid altogether) the spammy blogs that are floating at the top of the search engine results?  I am tired of all of the blogs out there that appear to be legit, and receive good rankings on the search engines, but when clicked on it takes to to a spammy Viagra ads, or worse a porn site.

Here is a great idea if you like finding blogs related to what you are doing. Only use places such as Google Blog Search (beta) or Pingoat.  These places sift through the Spam Blogs or (Splogs as referred to) by only allowing legitimate blogs in.  As with anything there is a chance that some bad ones can slip in, but for the most part you find much better results then just doing a regular search on Google for a blog.

It can be hard to compete with these kind of bad sites out there cause of places like MySpace where so many people use them for spam purposes, so just avoid them altogether.  These sites can be great places to socialize and network, but some spammers can use them for evil purposes and fill up our SERP’s with wothless sites.

If you have a blog, and want it to be found, or if you are looking for blogs to learn more make sure you find them from a legitimate source.  Google Blog Search for example will pick up automatically if your blog software automatically feeds it in any format.  Places like Pingoat you will need to submit for approval.

Blogs are great for both your website, and for learning more in your field, but just be careful you are not feeding these “Splogs” and giving them the edge.  Lets give the edge back to the good users by using the right resources.

Written by admin on May 15, 2006

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