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This is getting old Yahoo

February 23, 2007


I got to admit, it really is getting annoying blogging about how Yahoo has screwed up (another great program) again.  I have promoted, and talked a ton about My Blog Log, and how it’s such a good source for blog promotion, but I am beginning to wonder.  Shoemoney (a self proclaimed NON SEO) has been banned.  WHAT?  ShoeMoney was simply pointing out some of the bugs that My Blog Log has like others had done and he gets banned (and others have not).  He was not attacking them!  Where is the justice in that?  He was trying to show some exploits in efforts to give them positive (and constructive) feedback in order to get it fixed.  I want to keep using a SAFE My Blog Log – Don’t You?

Also, Yahoo blogger Jeremy Zawodny attacked Andy Beal and called him a spammer.  Again,  WHAT THE … ?  That is just plain stupid!  I really like reading Jeremy’s blog, and I know he is a very white hat SEO, but I think he was way off calling Andy a spammer.  I have been reading Andy’s blog Marketing Pilgrim ever since SES New York 2006, and there is NOTHING on that blog, or what I have read about Andy (from a TON of other sites) that would make me consider him a spammer.  Much to the opposite infact.

I guess we just have to start calling all the girl scouts selling us cookies spammers because they are trying to sell the most for their contest right?

Just plain stupid…..

Written by admin on February 23, 2007

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