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The SMO (Social Media Optimization) Debate

February 10, 2007


With the recent leashing out of Jason Calacanis against SEO’s I thought I would add my two cents about Social Media Optimization (and SEO’s) as well.

I have no problem with calling myself an SEO, internet marketer, “someone who can help you get traffic”. I really don’t care. The honest truth of the fact is that talking to regular people on the street that ask me what I do for a living, give me a “deer in the headlight look” when I say “SEO”, which is then usually followed by; “You know, when you type in a word on a search engine and get the top results”. If some people do not like the term “SEO” I can’t help that, its just what the industry I am in has dubbed me because of what I do.

However, I do have a problem with the term SMO (Social Media Optimization) and I have stated this before on this blog. When you have tools like these clowns (was it good link bait, or just sheer stupidness) that create video’s about Social Media Optimization, I agree they give the industry I am in a bad name.

What the hell is wrong with these clowns?

I like the term Social Media Marketing much better when it comes to teaching people social bookmarking, tagging, networking communities, groups etc. I really do not understand how a firm that claims to just do this can survive? I realize some out there may disagree with me and thats ok. I really don’t care, just like Jason Calacanis probably does not care about what SEO’s think of him or his rant.

I think there is a place for firms that teach (and implement) a Social Media Marketing campaign for clients, because after working with a number of small internet business owners (beginners) I know sometimes they just “don’t get it”. And, if you don’t do it for them, it will never get done. With that said, I do not think a firm should be allowed to do business that only does Social Media Marketing. So to those that say its a joke to charge clients for SMM, I can appreciate where you are coming from, but I have seen the other side of the fence. Also, some companies just don’t have the time to set someone loose to do thier Social Media. Either way you look at it they will need some help – if they hire someone, or bring someone in house they will still have to pay to get it done.

There are clowns in all industries and Danny Sullivan did such an amazing post on this topic I will just let you read it, as I can’t do it justice, (it’s long so get comfortable) but not all SEO’s are bad. Even with stating that, I can still appreciate where Jason Calacanis is coming from though, and I say more power to him for creating such amazing link bait. Maybe we (SEO’s) should take a free online class from a so-called SEO hater titled “building up your links 101”. I mean look at this post alone, I am giving him 3 links (not nofollow either).

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