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The Power of Domain Age

December 27, 2006


Just wanted to write a quick post (in between 3 kis being sick and on a so called vacation) about domain age.  I had a good conversation with a buddy of mine I do some SEO for down in a small town in Arizona and he was talking about scrapping a domain name their company has owned for the last 8 years and re-branding and going with something completely new.

I personally do not think re-branding is a bad idea and for sure sometimes needed, but I had to explain to him about the power of his old domain name and what we can make it do, opposed to the brand new one.  This works much easier if the site you are thinking about re-branding can still work with the old domain name (in my friends case it can) so we talked about things like – back links, domain age, domain authority, page rank etc.  All the usuals and the fact that he is no longer in “filters” of any sorts on any major engine.

We talked about implementing a solid SEO campaign and in the long run saving alot of money rather then going with a new domain name with the new branding.   I think he will go with both (and thats always a good idea too) but he learned a good lesson about the power of old domain names.

(hint) Any time you have access to old domain names and can snatch them up, go for it!  It will only bring you joy.  Be smart though and do some research on the domain name.  We don’t want to get access to any domain name that was used in “shady” business in past.

Written by admin on December 27, 2006

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